Acer SWIFT 7 Hands-On : A Svelte and stylish laptop

As usual, there are plenty of new and thrilling laptops at CES 2018, with Acer’s efficient Swift 7 one of the majorities moving off the lot. It’s the world’s thinnest laptop, thrashing its own evidence with a few upgrades thrown in for good quantify and it was such an awesome laptop.

Acer invents the best generation in comparison to the previous generation, the new Swift 7 steps up the game with an even slimmer framework, influential performance and always-on 4G LTE connectivity for professionals on the go.”


Many products at CES will never reach the market, but we already know that the new Swift 7 (SF714-51T) will be available in Europe starting in April.

Price of Acer Swift 7 will start at £1,599/$1,699 – that’s a reasonable price for their, which was available for around or less than £1,000.


As you might expect, a design is a key element here. The Swift 7 was by now very slim at just 10.16mm but the solid has managed to cut off the framework down to 8.98mm.

That’s attractive and amazing, especially when you consider it means the Swift 7 is actually slim than a number of recent and new smartphones.

A slim side view also equates to insubstantial manufactured goods and the Swift 7 is a true featherweight at approximately 1.2kg – the preceding model was 1.12kg. This is because of a few things but mostly the calculation of a touchscreen.

So it’s slim and light but it also looks the fraction with Acer doing a great job of creation it modish and sleek. It’s partly down to the tin shape but also a few tiny touched like a beveled border of the aluminum remains.

That aluminum uni-body is smooth to touch and also gives the Swift 7 plenty of rigidity.

It might not come in handy very often, but the screen can fold back 180 degrees from the shut position. That means it’s not a 2-in-1 but is certainly flexible, we just can’t think of many situations where the screen needs to be flat on a desk.

However, there are some downsides to having such a thin design and that starts with ports. You won’t find any traditional USB ports here and certainly nothing like HDMI or Ethernet.

Instead, you’ll find a pair of USB-C ports, headphone jack and on the other side is a power button and a nano-SIM slot.

Acer also has some adapters will be incorporated though, potentially one for HDMI and one for Ethernet.

The other issue is the keyboard as really, the best experience requires lots of space. The keyboard is backlit and there’s some travel, but not much. Depending on what you’re used to, the change could take some acclimation.


It’s a shame that despite being a few hundred pounds more expensive, the Swift 7 for 2018 comes with a 7th-generation Intel processor. We’d expect 8th-gen now they have been announced and available for a while.

That said, it is a Core i7 chip which is an upgrade from the Core i5 in the previous Swift 7. There won’t be a variety of dissimilar configurations of the processor so you’ll have to be content with 256GB of storage space and 16GB of LPDDR3 RAM. We’d wait for a small additional at this cost top actually.

There are upgrades in other areas through which do somewhat account for the price rise. For starters, the screen is larger at 14in – up from 13.3in within the same size frame.

So bezels are smaller and the Full HD IPS display is now touch sensitive, which these days we find far more useful than when laptops first started getting a touch.

During our hands-on time, the display showed good color, brightness and was also responsive.

The webcam has been moved to below the screen to allow for the size jump and Acer has also added a fingerprint scanner to the left of the keyboard for Windows Hello log in.

Earlier we mentioned the nanoSIM slot but there’s also an embedded eSIM. Acer says the Swift 7 ships with a Transatel profile provisioned with up to 1GB of free data valid for one month in 48 countries, including the UK.

4G LTE connectivity on a laptop will be very handy for some users and the Swift 7 also has 802.11ac Wi-Fi with a 2×2 MIMO mast at the underside of the cover.

Acer claims battery life at a decent 10 hours, via Mobile Mark 2014. That’s more than its precursor and inspiring when you believe how little room there is for the battery is a laptop this slim, for more details contact us at our Acer Customer Service Number.

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